Gro-Sure Easy Container Compost 50L

£6.99 each

Get 50 litres Gro-Sure Easy Containers Compost for just £6.99. That’s under £2 each to give 4 12in (30cm) pots all the compost they need to give you lovely container displays full of flowers in your garden or back yard.

Gro-Sure Easy Containers Compost contains unique water-storing granules which provide convenient little reservoirs in your soil so your flowers get an ideal amount of moisture even in the hottest and driest of summers.

This means you need just sit back and enjoy the display while the soil gets to work in providing water and nutrients to your plants.  

The compost contains a nutrient-rich feed that lasts up to 6 months- perfect for giving your flowers the nutrients they need through the whole of summer.

The compost itself contains natural fibres which gives it an open and airy structure for healthy root growth. Healthy roots mean healthy flowers which mean a happy gardener.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4143
  • Quantity 1x 50L Bag

Delivery: Early March to Late August

£6.99 each
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