Gro-Sure Planting Magic 2 kg

£8.99 each

Grow bigger, healthier plants,. Just one handful of this revolutionary planting mix will improve soil, boost roots and aid water retention.

Easy to use with  no complicated measuring it contains a unique mix of nutrients.

 • Contains 6 months nutrients so only has to be applied once a season

• Water storing pockets cleverly hold onto their own weight in water to control over and under watering

• Added soil improvers and root builders improve the soil around your plant,bulbs or seeds to encourage speedy establishment



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Catalogue Number 1090-4007

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  • £8.99 each
    • Quantity:
    • Catalogue No.: 1090-4007
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    • Quantity:
    • Catalogue No.: 1090-4009
£8.99 each
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