Gro-Sure Tomato Food 1L

£4.99 each

Gro-Sure Tomato Food contains a perfect mix of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which enables you to produce a better quality crop and boost your plant growth.

The Tomato feed formula is seaweed enhanced for extra micro nutrients and should produce a fantastic tomato crop, by creating an abundance of tasty fruits and plants.

By actively stimulating root growth, the Gro-Sure Tomato Food includes added magnesium which is essential for healthy tomato crops. Its natural formulation delivers balanced plant growth,and is suitable for use on tomatoes as well as other crops, such as sweet peppers, aubergines and courgettes. You can even use the versatile Tomato Feed on your hanging baskets, pots and other containers, as well as roses, fruit trees and general garden use.

Gro-Sure Tomato Food encourages early-flowering, ripening and cropping, and makes approximately 50 litres of fertiliser.


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Catalogue Number 1090-4601
  • Quantity 1ltr Bottle

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£4.99 each
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