GroChar Carbon Gold Tree Fertiliser

£24.99 each

Grochar Tree Fertiliser will feed trees, shrubs and woody plants with this unique vitality booster.  The tree fertiliser is blended with enriched biochar and potassium phosphite to grow healthier, more vigorous plants even in the harshest conditions.

You can reduce the need for watering which is great during times of drought, your soil health and nutrition will improve ensuring you have healthy plants in your garden.

It contains seaweed for essential minerals and trace elements and organic wormcasts full of beneficial bacteria crucial to healthy root systems.

This Carbon Gold Tree Fertiliser biochar is sourced from certified sustainable sources. 

Made in the UK

Treat up to 24M² with this 5 kg bag of tree fertiliser.

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Catalogue Number 1090-9937
  • Quantity 1x 5kg Bag

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£24.99 each
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