GroSure Container & Basket Compost 10L

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Gro-Sure Container & Basket Compost with 4 Month Feed

  • Feeds plants for four months
  • Requires 50% less watering than standard composts
  • Added flower booster for abundant blooms

Gro-Sure Container & Basket Compost is great to use for containers and hanging baskets in the garden, feeding plants for 4 months and containing flower booster for abundant blooms all season long. Its high performance, light weight formula delivers unrivalled results in plant health, flower development and root density. A high quality growing medium that reduces impact on the environment, it is easier to re-wet, retains moisture and drains easily.

The specialised mix of peat and wood fibre creates a nutritious and moisture-holding growing medium that plants will love. There’ll be less need for watering with this mix and your container and hanging-basket flowers will prosper, even in periods of drought.

This great 10-litre compost and feed combination is no-fuss, great value and will give you flower-filled containers and baskets to wow.

Gro-Sure Container & Basket Compost is 50% lighter than standard multi-purpose composts making it is easier to transport round the home & garden.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4134
  • Quantity 1x 10L bag

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