GroSure easy flowers Pastel Mix 100g

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Easy Flowers

Do you look enviously at gardens that are alive with colour all summer long?  Well, now you can achieve that look yourself and grow beautiful summer flowers with minimum effort with Gro-Sure® Easy Flowers.

Each pouch contains enough seed, compost and feed for all your beds, borders and containers. It really couldn't be easier - just shake the pack, scatter and water it in - for months of superb colour in your garden. Pouches are available in a Bright or a Pastel Mix.

Pastel Mix contains a mix of:

  • Agrostemma,
  • Cornflower,
  • Gypsophila,
  • Nigella,
  • Candytuft,
  • Virginia Stock,
  • Poppy,
  • Lavatera
  • Phacelia.
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Catalogue Number 2050-0119

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£2.99 each
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