Growing on Pots - 18 pcs

£8.99 each

18 durable and water-proof pots, perfect for sowing seeds of fabulous flowers and tasty vegetables.

You’ll find this 18 x 9cm pots plus handy carry tray really handy. The carry tray houses your 18 3 ½ in (9cm) diameter pots so you can take your 18 prize plants from A to B in just one trip, from the greenhouse windowsill to the outdoors to grow on into mature, beautiful and productive plants for your enjoyment.

18 x 3 ½ in (9cm) diameter pots

Tray Size: (22in x 12in) 55cm x 30cm

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Catalogue Number 1090-3684
  • Quantity 18x 9cm pots in a tray

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£8.99 each
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