Growing Success Cat Repellent Scatter Granules

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Growing Success Cat Repellent deters cats from scratching, digging and fouling around your prized plants. The repellent contains aromatic plant oils on an inert clay base, naturally repelling cats so feel free to scatter around all outdoor edible crops and ornamental garden plants.

Cats learn that the scent is unpleasant and after a few exposures avoid the area leaving your plants to prosper.

Remove all animal foulings from the area to be treated. Rake out any holes and scratches made into the soil surface.

How do I use it?

Spread evenly around plants in containers or beds where cats are not wanted, at a rate of 3g per square yard (square metre). This container treats to 200 square yards (166 square metres)

As a guide to obtaining the correct dose, either fill the inner screw-threaded centre of the cap with granules (6g) and spread evenly over 2 square yards (2 square metres) or fill the whole cap (90g) and spread evenly over 36 square yards (30 square metres).

Do I need to re-apply?

One treatment may suffice for 2-3 weeks, although more frequent applications may be required, for example in wet weather. Repeat the application on signs of cats returning, after soil cultivation or after a period of adverse weather.

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Catalogue Number 1090-9206
  • Quantity 1x 500g of Repellent

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£5.99 each
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