Growing Success Glue Band Trap

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  • Protect your top fruit 
  • Suitable for organic gardeners 
  • Effective on fruit trees and ornamental trees

 Save your home-grown apples, pears and plums by trapping the moths that produce maggoty fruit and ruin your well-earned crops.

Pesticide-free this form of trapping is effective and ideal for the organic grower and gardener. This green band is beyond the colour range visible to beneficial insects so beneficial bees and other insects like lacewings and hoverflies are safe from harm.

Winter moths lay their eggs during the colder months by climbing up tree trunks to lay eggs. The eggs then hatch and give you unwanted maggoty fruit. With this adhesive sticky band you stop the wingless moths from laying eggs where the maggots can get to fruit. Stopping them in their tracks  saves your fruit year after year.

We suggest you apply in early autumn and remove in spring when the female moths are no longer active. Span the band right around the circumference of your tree at 50-80cm (20-32in) above ground level. Be sure to apply a band to your stake too if the stake meets the tree above the tree band so the moths have no alternative than to meet the sticky trap.

Every band is very sticky so wear gloves and wash your hands afterwards thoroughly.

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Catalogue Number 1090-7085
  • Quantity 1x 1.75m (5.5ft) Band

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£7.99 each
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