Growing Success Slug & Snail Trap

£5.99 each

Slugs and snails are the bain of a gardener and vegetable grower. They will quickly make light work of your colourful flowers and maturing vegetables which you worked so hard in nurturing.

All you need do with The Growing Success Slug & Snail Trap is fill with brine or beer and up to 50 slugs are lured in to drown and no longer do any damage to your garden.

This sturdy trap you simply inset into the ground. Chemical free you need not worry about harming wildlife or pets.

Attracts slugs and snails within a 5ft (1.5m) radius – so great for small gardens.

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Catalogue Number 1090-3884
  • Quantity 1x Slug and Snail Trap

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£5.99 each
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