Growing Success Whitefly Traps

£3.99 each

Growing Success Whitefly Traps are organic way to keep greenhouse pests at bay and off your home-grown crops and flowers which you’ve worked hard on to bring on to their best. In every pack you receive seven traps which you hang up around your greenhouse or conservatory.

Reducing the need for chemical spraying these traps are perfect for organic growers and gardeners; Growing Success Whitefly Traps are pesticide-free and friendly to the environment.

The sticky traps also stop greenflies, blackflies, thrips and midges in their tracks which all contribute to making a mockery of your fruit and vegetables crops.

We suggest you place seven traps to a small or medium greenhouse or conservatory. Be sure to get hold of more than one packet if you have a large greenhouse or large conservatory. Replace traps once more than half of the sticky area is covered.

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  • Quantity 7x Whitefly Traps

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£3.99 each
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