Growing Vegetable Plants

Vegetable Plants

Our Vegetable Plants have been expertly grown and are ready to pot on or plant out immediately. So, even if you are pushed for space, why not have a go at growing your own vegetables from young plants this year?

Growing vegetables from young plants

Growing vegetables is much quicker when using young plants instead of seed. Most of the hard work has already been done in our nursery. All you need to do is plant them out in your own vegetable garden or greenhouse, then wait while your crop matures.

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New Zealand Spinach - Plants

New Zealand Spinach - Plants

The spinach which shuns slugs ... More

Pack Quantity: 24x Spinach Plants


Nemaslug Back InformationNemasys Fruit & Veg Back Information

Nemaslug PLUS 2x Fruit & Veg Protection Packs

Control slugs & insects naturally ... More

Pack Quantity: 1 x Nemaslug 100sq.m PLUS 2x Fruit & Veg Protection 60sq.m


2 Results