Hanging Basket Clematis - Bijou x3

£16.99 each

Clematis Bijou can be used to fill in borders or grown in hanging baskets can make a nice show all year round!

Bijou only grows around 1- 2 feet so as to make a nice fuller effect. Even though Bijou is a smaller variety it still puts on lots of large blooms all summer and makes a great talking point!

They arrive as large potted plants ready to fill your hanging baskets or containers. 

Delivered in 7cm pots.

Propagation from these plants is a breach of trademark. Only buy from licensed supply.


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Catalogue Number 5140-2037
  • Quantity 3x 7cm Potted Clematis Plants
  • Height 30-60cm / 1-2ft

Delivery: Early April to Late July

£16.99 each
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