Hanging Baskets Easi-Plant - PAIR of 14in Baskets

£14.99 each

  • Create a perfect ball of flowers
  • Reservoir base for retaining water
  • Plant from above and tumbling from the sides

Your 14” baskets have six planting ports, equally spaced around the side so you can create hanging basket displays worthy of RHS Britain in Bloom competitions. 

Made from tough, weather-proof recycled plastic your Easi Plant 14" baskets feature removable side panels that make planting up incredibly quick and easy.

This handy pair doesn't need liners; they have a flat bottom to prevent the baskets from tipping when you are planting. The base also acts like a reservoir to help retain water.

Your hanging baskets feature:

Weather-resistant recycled plastic material

Removable side panels make quick and easy planting– no need to cut holes or worry about spacing.

No need to pay for liners

Flat bottom which acts as a reservoir, helping to retain water.

No tipping - flat bottom also aids planting.

14” diameter (35cm)

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Catalogue Number 5090-9719
  • Quantity 2x 14" Easi-Plant Hanging Baskets

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£14.99 each
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