Hedgehog Crossing

£12.99 each

  • Do your bit for UK British wildlife
  • Reinforces holes created in your fence to for extra strength and durability
  • Made from second-life recycled plastic
  • Helps with hedgehog highways, essential for declining hedgehog populations
  • Enables hedgehogs to feed sufficiently and meet potential breeding partners
  • 5cm x 28.5cm

Make your garden hedgehog-friendly with this easy yet effective concept – an entry point for hedgehogs to gain access to and leave your garden as and when they need to, for essential feeding forages and to help during the breeding season.

Hedgehog numbers have been on the decline for decades and now we are down to at most a tenth of the population of these much-loved animal favourites compared to in the 1950s. You can do your bit to help reverse this decline by giving hedgehogs pathways to feed and breed without obstacles and this hedgehog crossing does just that.

Hedgehogs have a varied diet but the biggest food sources are caterpillars, particularly pesky for the gardener, and beetles. By helping hedgehogs out they repay you by feeding on the garden pests which eat your favourite flowers and garden plants.

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Catalogue Number 80505206
  • Quantity 1x Hedgehog Crossing Kit
  • Size H:31.5cm x W:28.5cm

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£12.99 each
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