Hedgehog House Igloo

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A shelter is essential to help hedgehogs survive, not only during in the winter whilst they are hibernating but throughout the year as protection from predators such as dogs and badgers.

Hedgehogs are the gardener’s friend as they offer natural pest control and will eat crop destroying pests such as slugs.

This hedgehog igloo has a steel frame with a felted waterproof proof covered with brushwood with rattan bands for a totally natural house which blends into your garden offering the ultimate protection.  The small entranceway has been designed to prevent badgers and dogs from entering.  Perfect for placing under a hedgerow as it will blend in and offer protection from the elements.  If the igloo is placed in a more exposed position then additional anchors may be required to hold it firmly in place.

To position place the igloo under cover, pile with leaves to help camouflage the igloo, in winter whilst the hedgehogs are hibernating it is advisable to add extra brushwood to help insulate against snow and frost, and also add some dry leaves or grass inside which can be used as nesting material.

Dimensions 22 x 59 x 53 cm

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  • Quantity 1x Hedgehog Igloo Shelter

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£19.99 each
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