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This great value seed collection contains:

1 x Packet Coriander Fine Leaved
Coriander is a versatile herb, the seeds are crushed and used in curries whilst the leaves are also good in Indian dishes, salads or as an interesting alternative to parsley. Pick leaves regularly if you wish to stop plants running to seed.

1 x Packet Basil Sweet Italian

Basil Genovese is the most commonly grown variety. Taller with larger leaves. Ideal to use in salads especially with tomatoes, pasta sauces and combines well with garlic. Remove flowering shoots to increase the harvest of leaves. Needs a sunny sheltered position.

1 x Packet Chives Fine Leaved
The delicate onion flavour of chives makes this perennial a perfect addition to soups, omelettes and cheese dishes! Or use just about anywhere you want a hint of onion and that wonderful emerald green colour!

1 x Packet Parsley Italian Plain Leaved
With a more intense flavour than its curly leaved cousin, and just as versatile, this parsley is widely used in European cooking. Best for cooking, since it can withstand heat and retain its flavour. It can be used for garnish and it adds a nice flavour to salads, sauces and soups. Its succulent stems are also edible.


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£2.99 each
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