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How to Grow Sweet Peas

Your sweet pea plants have been grown from seed sown in the autumn to ensure you are able to produce top quality blooms for garden display and for cutting. We have been growing sweet peas for a century, so you know you are growing plants which have been expertly and carefully produced.

Your Sweet Peas are supplied as a multi-sown module, do not separate the plants within the cell! - they can be trained separately as they grow. They will need the support of canes or trellis and can also be grown through shrubs or other climbers. They will be happy in any good, well-drained soil which has plenty of organic matter incorporated. They prefer an open, sunny position but with some shelter from cold drying winds. 

When they Arrive

Unpack immediately and water if plants have dried out in transit, keep plants upright.


Plant as soon as possible after delivery, but if conditions are not suitable, store them for a day or two in a light airy place. Keep in an upright position and do not allow them to dry out. Water again prior to planting.
Plant 2 or 3 inches away from the support and allow 8 -12inches between plants.
Plant so that the soil level is the same as it was in the plug. Fill in the hole with soil and firm gently to make sure there are no air-pockets.
Keep plants well watered especially during hot weather.


Until your Sweet Pea plants are established do not allow them to dry out, water more frequently if required during very hot weather.

Tie in stems as they grow using canes. (our sweet pea ring is very useful!)

TIP: Remember, the more flowers you cut, the more will grow! Dead-heading spent flowers to prevent seed pods forming will also prolong flowering.


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