Hydrangea Feed 1Ltr

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Get the biggest and best from your flowers on your favourite hydrangeas with Westland Hydrangea Feed. Westland Hydrangea Feed is enriched with essential nutrients which are instrumental in giving your flowers a boost.

Be wowed by the colour intensity and the fullness of your hydrangea flowers. With Westland Hydrangea Feed the nutrients within release steadily into the soil so the roots of your hydrangea can take them up constantly for perfect health.

With healthier plant growth your hydrangeas are set to give you impressive displays whether it’s a hot summer or a dull and warm one. Contained in a screw-tight container your Hydrangea Feed can be safely and securely stored in cool, dry location.

We recommend that you use this feed before and through the flowering season (April –August) only to avoid new leafy growth in winter when frost can damage the new leaves.

1 litre bottle

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£5.99 each
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