Insect Netting 2.2m x 12m

£29.99 each

  • Great for organic growers; reduces the need for pesticides
  • Easy protection from pests and weather
  • Save home-grown vegetables
  • Fray-free insect barrier
  • Provides 7% shading
  • Up to 75% water permeability
  • 0.15mm thickness

Made from lightweight (17gsm) knitted fabric this insect netting is the perfect cut to fit a bed of crops. Lay it directly onto your crops or onto a framework, without causing your crops damage or hindering their growth so you can look forward to a rewarding harvest of tasty fruit or vegetables. 

Water and air passes seamlessly through the netting. The holes however are too small for pests such as carrotfly and whitefly to get through.

The netting also protects your crops from high winds and heavy rains creating a safe micro-climate.

Size: 7ft x 39ft/2.2m x 12m

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Catalogue Number 1090-8013
  • Quantity 1 x 2.2 x 12m Fleece

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£29.99 each
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