Insect Netting 2.2m x 24m

£59.99 each

  • Great for organic growers; reduces the need for pesticides
  • Provides 7% shading
  • Up to 75% water permeability
  • Thickness: 0.15mm 

The ultimate insect barrier

This is the only insect netting we know of that won’t fray when you cut it, making it perfect for attaching to a framework!

Made from lightweight (17gsm) knitted fabric, it can also be laid directly onto your crops without causing damage or hindering their growth.

Water and air pass through – but pests such as carrot fly and whitefly are blocked, saving your crops. The netting also gives some protection for your crops from high winds and heavy rains creating a safe micro-climate.

Size: 7ft x 78ft/2.2m x 24m

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Catalogue Number 1090-8015
  • Quantity 1 x 7ft x 79ft/2.2m x 24m Insect Net.

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£59.99 each
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