Instant Impact Shrubs

Shrubs are beautiful, versatile additions to the garden. Depending on which you choose they can fill a garden with glorious flowers, gleaming foliage and brilliant colours; plus they provide welcome food and shelter for wildlife such as birds, butterflies and bees.

As well as adding a solid framework to beds and borders shrubs give a sense of permanence to any style of garden. Whether you want a formal evergreen or a brilliant splash of colour there is a shrub to fit the bill. You can grow many of them even if you only have a tiny garden so you won’t need acres of space to enjoy shrubs in the garden.

Whichever you choose our mature shrubs are well-grown, well rooted plants, supplied in 3ltr pots to add instant impact to your garden.

Each shrub is full of vigour so you've got a season of colour to look forward to this year and they’ll keep on maturing, getting better every year.


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