Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost 40L

£6.99 each

  • Fills two to three 30cm diameter pots
  • Enhances flower, fruit and vegetable quality
  • Build long lasting plant vitality
  • Delivered to your door

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Jack's Magic All Purpose Compost offers the perfect solution for seed-sowing, potting, planting and containers with its light and airy texture, essential for healthy roots for healthy flowering stems.

Jack's Magic is a specially-formulated peat-based compost enriched with organic fertiliser to feed your plants for the first four or five weeks after potting, the exact time when your plants need all the nutrients they can get.

Jack's Magic formula contains a natural nitrogen-rich seaweed extract that boosts seed germination & establishment, improves root development, enhances flower, fruit and vegetable quality, and builds long lasting plant vitality.

Your bag of Jack's Magic contains a blend of the finest 100% natural ingredients to create a pure and balanced growing medium which promotes healthy stems and exceptional health for crops and flowers.

For orders of three bags or more additional delivery charges may apply.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4116
  • Quantity 1x 40L Bag

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£6.99 each
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