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Well we’ve certainly had a hot spell this year going into July after the summer solstice last month. A hot spell in the UK is a welcome treat to many of us but alas it causes stress for the garden and its plants.

The wildlife in your garden quickly feels the heat too and nesting birds, for example, expend a lot of energy keeping cool while they’re multi-tasking raising families and keeping an eye out for predators.

So give your garden the care it needs; protection from drought and pest damage and watch your garden prosper at the time of year you can be outside to enjoy it.

Happy Gardening,

The Unwins team


Our Top 4 tasks for the month 

Water-wiseJuly News Art 1

Have a watering plan in place this month for all your plants; as a general rule hanging baskets and containers dry out quicker and need watering up to three times a day in mid-summer. In your garden water perennials and bedding twice a day and trees and shrubs once a day.

In warm spells increase this, especially when it’s gusty and wind dries out plants more rapidly.

Choose from our wide range of watering solutions including regular hoses, drip hoses, lawn sprinklers, watering cans and ‘holiday-friendly’ self-watering spikes. 


Pond pureJuly News Art 2

You may have noticed that your pond water has become cloudy and green over the last couple of months due to a build-up in algae which blooms rapidly in sunlight.

Make your pond water clear again with biological treatment EcoSure Pond Clear. Our The NEW and EXCLUSIVE EcoSure Pond Clear by Envii offers a simpler approach to pond cleaning to guarantee that your pond water is clearer for longer. our easy-to-apply powder-treatment dissolves in the pond water and introduces beneficial microbes into your pond that work to leave your pond crystal-clear. Simply choose the dose to match your pond size.


Salad savvyJuly News Art 3

If you’re growing fruit and vegetables in containers in your garden keep an eye open for pests such as slugs. They love crops as much as you do and come out en force even after just a short shower. Treat the area with biological slug killers Nemaslug, use slug pellets, or top dress the area with shingle or decorative stones, or Smart Ground Cover, which they are less keen to travel over.

When harvesting your crops such as salads or root vegetables top-up the soil to keep the nutrient levels high for the developing crops. Feed leafy crops like salads with high nitrogen fertiliser and root crops like radish with a balanced fertiliser.


The lure of lawnsJuly News Art 4

For a lush green lawn you need to feed it the right nutrients at the right time of year. In summer, you want to encourage fresh new growth of grass blades. Treat your lawn with a high-nitrogen feed. The nitrogen promotes fresh young growth which creates the attractive lawn you’re after.

Keep the lawn mown too, preferably twice a week. Regular cutting encourages the leaf blades of grass to branch, which contributes to a fuller and thicker lawn. Choose a lawnmower to suit you.


Influential plants for your gardenJuly News Influ Plants

Pond plants come in all shapes and sizes –from tall pond-side gems like irises and lobelias, towering like church spires at the edges to exotic looking waterlilies floating on the water surface. Not only do they look great they are key to providing beneficial insects like bees and dragonflies with nectar and landing pads.

Add dimension to your water garden with these three selections:

Iris Black Gamecock -  dark, velvety blooms flower later than most other irises. Attractive to damselflies and dragonflies.

Water forget-me-not -  pondside perennial, putting up dainty pastel flowers in early summer. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Waterlily virginalis - Watch the blooms come up in summer atop the lily leaves that provide valuable shelter for aquatic wildlife 


Keep an eye out on pestsJuly News Pest

Ants form complicated colonies and can soon invade your garden patio or driveway. The tell-tale signs include sawdust-like piles of debris near to walls or cracks in the patio and deep little holes.

Address your army of ants, a common occurrence in July, with chemical solutions such as Ant Killer Baits or a biological solutions such as Nemasys No Ants. Choose the method to suit you and keep your outdoors safe and free of these annoying insects.


Inciting facts

It’s showtime in the gardening worldJuly News News 1

In July treat yourself to a day out at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Surrey 2-8 July and RHS Flower Show Tatton Park, Cheshire 18-22 July. Both shows highlight the best of mid to late-summer flowers and gorgeous Show Gardens which give you insight into what you can take home.





Vote for your favourite gardenJuly News News 2

The UK offers us so much inspiration with beautiful gardens up and down the country. Vote for your favourite garden out of the 100 shortlist by visiting the Garden News webpage. You get to make your opinion count and choose a free digital magazine sample from their site.     





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