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June 2017 Newsletter

Enjoy the wonderful month of June- the month of the summer solstice and the longest day. Great opportunity to enjoy the garden with friends, especially when the sun’s out.

Still time to get your garden looking at its best; immediate impact flowers are the perfect solution to getting colour in your garden quickly. Try pre-planted hanging baskets delivered straight to your door or even new Speedy baskets – flowers you place on top of your old pots to see you through the summer.


The Unwins Team

Jobs to do now

Get summer bulbs for dazzling colour this year

Looking for colour in your garden to last until first frosts in autumn? Plant summer-flowering bulbs now in flower beds or in the centre of containers as focal flowers. The soil has fully warmed up which is perfect for summer bulbs like handsome dahlias to get growing and give you colour as early as this summer. Last chance buy – HALF PRICE.


Create your own pond world

A pond adds an extra dimension to your garden; both visually and by sound and it’s so rewarding to be able to look into your pond and watch this water-world. Maintain the perfect balance of oxygen and nutrients in the pond water by introducing good bacteria like Eco-sure which feeds on nitrates keeping algae levels at a minimum. No algae means clear ponds.


Make your patio ready for entertaining

As soon as June hits it’s time for barbecuing and having friends round to enjoy the summer weather. Check the garden furniture – is it cleaned and treated? Also do you have the flowers to make a lovely backdrop? Solution - pre-planted baskets and Speedy Baskets. And finally- container trees either side of your door look great. Choose summer-loving trees like bays and olives.


Don't let slugs sabotage your prize plants

There’s nothing more disheartening than watching your prize plant grow and develop and then see it suddenly damaged by an army of slugs. After bouts of rain slugs come out in their millions and wreak havoc with your well-deserved bedding and greens. Nematodes are tiny creatures that kill slugs; an effective biological means of slug control, used in the flagship RHS Garden Wisley.


Mow your lawn at the right cutting height

If we have a rainy June, you can afford to change your lawnmower with the blades set to cut grass really short. Should we have a dry June adjust the blades so the cut is less extreme to reduce stress. Place your grass clippings in the compost bin, making sure you have as much wood, cardboard and egg-shells to offset all the grass for great compost.


Prune spring-flowering shrubs

Now is a great time to invest in some sharp and effective secateurs to prune spring-flowering shrubs like forsythia and ornamental currant. Prune back the stems that have flowered to a strong bud much further down the stem and cut out about a quarter of the stems out fully to keep your shrub well-aired and free of diseases.




The perfect plant for when you have a hot spot in your garden but a bed with particularly poor soil. Particularly useful if you’ve just moved into a new build or know someone that has and the flowerbeds are full of broken brick and dust. No need to water much, lavenders are champions of tolerating dry conditions.

Lavender Kew Red - 5x Young Plants

Unusual crimson-red flowers and looks fantastic in patio pots. Compact, scented French lavender which works well in flower beds or in containers.

Lavender Hidcote Blue - 5x Young Plants

Fantastic scent and striking blue flowers. It's proved itself in the garden so well the RHS have given this variety their Award of Garden Merit.

Lavender French White - 5x Young Plants

Sophisticated, long flowering and easy to care for. An ideal variety for brightening up your garden. Looks fantastic in terracotta pots as well.

Buy all three varieties and get the third free. That’s 15 plants at just 80p for every plant.


Pest & Disease Watch

Vine weevil larvae

A menace to flowers growing in containers. The young of vine weevils love to feed on the roots in the soil. This spells trouble for developing plants that can’t take up water and nutrient when their roots have been nibbled.

Eliminate these pests so that they don’t destroy your well-deserved container displays. Add a solution of Nemasys natural vine weevil killer based on natural nematodes which hunt out the vine weevils in the soil. Just dilute the Nemasys powder and water onto your containers.


June News

Unwins-, Perfect petunias get a pass at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

We were so happy to have petunia ‘Buzz Purple’, petunia ‘Maria’ and petunia ‘Inksplash’all bred by once Unwins director David and his wife Priscilla Kerley. These varieties featured at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show last month, once again with 40 Sunbury Road The Horticultural Trades Association exhibited in conjuction with Peter Seabrook and The Sun newspaper to win a Silver Medal.

This year was particularly strong for ideas you can take home with you and try in your own garden like maximising small spaces highlighted in the Greening Grey Britain Garden as well as what to do if your garden is undergoing drought, shown in the M & G Garden.

See more of the highlights, the awards and the news of this year’s show


Give yourself one less thing to think about in September

We’ve noticed the tulips have been fantastic this year, looking great in gardens up and down the country.

Take the opportunity to order your tulips and daffodils now, so it’s one less thing to think about come September when there is a lot going on in the garden.

You’ll receive your tulip and daffodil bulbs in the post in autumn at exactly the right time for you to plant up.


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