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June 2018 Newsletter

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Ready to enjoy the summer solstice this month? It’s a joy being outdoors when the weather is fair especially on the extra long evenings. Keep dead-heading bedding so they bloom for longer and mowing the lawn for that clean-cut finish which offsets your flowers beautifully.

We picked up a nice nugget of advice from a fellow grower recently on the timely topic of irrigation. ‘Water your plants as priority in the morning’ he suggested ‘so the plants don’t go to bed with wet feet’. Food for thought – we know we’ll be supplementing our flowers with water in the evening if they look dry but our main watering session will be in the morning when the flowers ‘wake up’ ready for the day ahead. Watering in the morning also helps prevent slugs being encouraged to eat your plants in the evening.

Enjoy the sun

The Unwins team


Our Top 4 tasks for the month

Reach for the skiesJune News 2018 Art 1

Place Hanging baskets Markle Sparkle on brackets around your home, bringing patriotic colour and fresh scent to your garden. Water your baskets thoroughly in the morning if feasible and start to feed with high-potash fertiliser to encourage more blooms and better flower power.





Combat snailsJune News 2018 Art 2

We’ve noticed snails in big numbers this spring, happily muching their way through hostas, salad crops and a wide range of other flowers. Spend fifteen minutes of so picking them off by hand. You can prepare snails for eating (recipes and videos are available online). If you don’t have the stomach for this, apply a slug and snail killer, physical barrier or give them to the birds. 




Pond improvementsJune News 2018 Art 3

Is your pond starting to get green from algae and blanket weed?  Symptomatic of shallow ponds exposed to full sun you can reverse the water-greening process by applying EcoSure – a natural solution of powder made up of good-bacteria which you simply stir into your pond-water. We have EcoSure in different quantities to suit any size of pond.




Successional sowing equals successJune News 2018 Art 4

When harvesting salad leaves be sure to re-sow with a fresh batch every two weeks. This practice is called succession sowing and gives you a continual supply over the summer of buttery, rich leaves. Harvesting and sowing at waist height makes this task all the more enjoyable and comfortable and attractive Vegtrugs in different sizes allow just that.


Influential plants for your gardenJune News 2018 Influ Plants


Meaning ‘flowers of gold’ chrysanthemums are a hit for gardeners as the flowers last through the summer and well into autumn. They now come in all shapes and sizes so you’ll find your individual favourite. Here is a selection from our wide range;

Chrysanthemum Complete Collection – Look great in pots, beautiful in herbaceous borders and even stunning cut as flowers

Chrysanthemum Spider Bronze – Attractive, modern-looking and due to the nature of this variety they really raise an eye-brow.

Chrysanthemum Bruno Bronze – Hardy and happy in any sunny spot, bronze flowers emerge to herald the golden colours of autumn


Keep an eye out for pestsJune News 2018 Pests

Beware the return of the red lily beetle as they return to wreak havoc on your summer lilies after attacking your crown imperials and other lily relatives like erythroniums earlier in the season.

Hand pick them off, turn them on their back and offer to your garden birds, or use Grazers G4 Lily Beetle Repellent Spray, spraying on a cool, still day to maximise its effectiveness against these pesky beetles.


Inciting facts

Pond-perfectionJune News 2018 News 1

Take your garden pond to the next level, with the Unwins pond-perfect summer catalogue landing on your doorstep soon. Full of tips for turning your pond into a lively eco-system of plants, fish and wildlife and the latest equipment for making pond-care easy and enjoyable.





It’s show-timeJune News 2018 News 2

The flower show season is now in full swing after a successful Malvern and Chelsea, advocating beautiful flowers, trees and slick garden design. In June the Midlands take the baton with the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show (6-10 June) and BBC Gardeners’ World Live (14-17 June). Pay a visit to get some great inspiration on home-grown fruit and vegetables as well as the world of flowers.



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