Kale Afro - Dwarf Green Curled x 16 Plants

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  • Will flower well in full sun

Reliably winter hardy Kale Afro will take everything the British weather can throw at it! It is packed with vitamins and minerals and will grow just about anywhere.

Your plants on arrival

Your plants will arrive to you in a plastic blister pack which provides the perfect humid environment for young cabbage plants while being delivered to your home.

Remove all outer packaging and remove the plants from the plastic blister pack. Water the plugs of soil so they are moist but not waterlogged.

Try to plant up straight away in your vegetable patch, into rich soil pressing the plugs into the soil firmly. Space plants 25-30cm (10-12in) apart and cover with fleece to keep pigeons from eating the sweet, succulent leaves.

Water young plants daily morning or evening, or both in particularly dry and/or warm weather.

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Catalogue Number 1080-5341
  • Quantity 16 Plants

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