Kale Plants - Emerald Ice x24

£7.49 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Exceptional winter hardiness
  • Ready to harvest when other greens are scarce
  • Sweeter than other kale varieties
  • Attractive ruffled leaves perfect for decorative winter displays

Enjoy growing kale Emerald Isle, small cabbage-like plants with decorative ruffle white and green leaves. They have the appearance they are touched with frost and look decorative grown with winter bedding through the colder months.

The leaves are super sweet in comparison to other kale varieties, particularly the white parts- a fantastic way to convince those with a sweet tooth vegetables can be tasty as well as super healthy.

Because Emerald Ice thrives in winter conditions you are guaranteed home-grown greens at a time of the year when home-grown tasty green are rare and hard to come by.

Your 24 young plants arrive to your door in a pack that acts like a mini greenhouse so your plants receive the best light and ambient conditions while in transit from our nursery to your home. On planting we recommend you add Sulphate of Ammonia- specially formulated for effective leaf development.


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Catalogue Number 1080-6327
  • Quantity 24 Plants

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£7.49 each
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