Kent & Stowe Hand Tool Set with Fork

£19.97 each

  • SAVE £10 on this tool set compared to buying individual items
  • Perfect kit for potting on and other garden workbench tasks
  • High quality stainless steel and ash wood hand tools
  • Durable and comfortable
  • 15 years guarantee

Take advantage of this beautiful tool set perfect for general gardening tasks, like planting, turning over soil and transferring small plants into larger containers as they grow. You save £10 when you buy this set rather than buying individual items.

Every tool you receive has a comfortable and traditional ash wood handle, a pleasure to hold while carrying out your favourite gardening activities. The functional part of your tools is made of stainless steel for impressive durability, great rust resistance and a smooth surface which prevents soil from sticking.

All your tools have a leather strap hook for convenient hanging and keeping your tool clean and durable.

You receive one each of:

Kent & Stowe Transplanting Trowel

Perfect to use in beds, borders, pots and raised beds, and with its 10cm measuring guide you will always be confident you have planted at the correct depth.

Kent & Stowe Hand Fork

Perfect hand digging implement for breaking up clods of compost and heavy soil prior to planting. Great for loosening pot bound plants from one container to another.

Kent & Stowe Potting Scoop

Use this Potting Scoop for turning soil and compost and use on the workbench in your potting shed. With deep scoop cavity for easier and quicker potting tasks.

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Catalogue Number 1090-9846
  • Quantity 1 each of Potting Scoop, Hand Fork and Transplanting Trowel

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£19.97 each
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