Kent & Stowe - Loop Weeder

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Comfortable-grip weed remover specially designed to earth-up the long deep roots of weeds such as dandelions and common mallows. With 15 year steel guarantee.

Some weeds come back time and time again if you just pick off the tops parts with a hoe or by hand. Weeds like dandelions and common mallows only truly disappear when the root is removed- and this handy tool does exactly that.

Plunge the weeder into the soil next to the weeds with deep taproots and pull the whole root up.

No need for chemicals when you have the Stainless Steel Hand Loop Weeder to hand. Perfect if you enjoy organic gardening and don’t like to use chemicals.

Comfortable handle is made from attractive and lightweight ash wood for so you can use for a long period of time when the dandelions have started to really take hold in your garden.     

Kent & Stowe 15 year stainless steel guarantee.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4363
  • Quantity 1x Loop Weeder

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£9.99 each
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