Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Long Handled Fork

£24.99 each

The perfect solution to gardening with no fear of backache or joint pains. There is no need to crouch down or squat with this generous length long-handled fork. At 125cm in length hold the comfortable ashwood handle where it suits you.

Three-tined fork of stainless steel cuts through soils of different textures- sandy, clayey or loamy to break up clods for soil with the perfect consistency.

Use throughout the year for borders of winter bedding or summer bedding or even home-grown crops like lettuce or strawberries. An excellent tool for breaking the soil prior to planting up young plug plants.

Made from stainless-steel your fork is easy to wipe clean for prolonged use and gardening performance.

Kent & Stowe 15 year guarantee.

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Catalogue Number 1090-4360
  • Quantity 1x Long Handled Fork
  • Height 1.25m

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£24.99 each
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