Kitchen Garden Seed Potato Collection 3kg Pack


£8.97 each

  • Varieties with culinary acclaim
  • Enough potatoes to feed a family through summer and autumn
  • Perfect salad, mash and chip-worthy collection

Take advantage of this great deal on three potato varieties that have a deserved place on chef’s table. You save £5 when you buy this collection rather than buying each variety separately and you have enough seed potatoes to get harvests to feed a family of four for the summer and well into autumn.

Your collection includes three 1kg bags of seed potatoes of:

Potato Desiree – the perfect mash:

Melt-in-the-mouth, red potatoes with attractive yellow flesh; it makes great mash potatoes and the red skins crisp up beautifully

Potato Maris Piper- the perfect chip:

Much-loved variety so timely for warming mash potato, gourmet- pub chip or potato wedges as the summer turns to autumn and nights draw in earlier.

Potato International Kidney – the perfect salad potato:

This supreme early salad variety - has a wonderfully distinct flavour and texture; the perfect variety for boiling and using in salads or side-dishes for summer salads and buffets

Useful Tip:

Grow these varieties in Gro-Sacks if you haven’t got a vegetable patch but want to enjoy the benefits of home-growing. Plant one to five seed potatoes to every Gro-Sack in spring in specially-formulated Vegetable Compost (this offers the right free-draining consistency).

Treat your plants to some Pre-planting Potato Feed for a good boost of nutrients. Earth up the soil around the bottom half of the stems on a weekly basis to ensure you keep the actual potatoes well-covered at all times.

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  • Quantity 3x 1kg Packs (Approx. 12-15 Tubers)

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£8.97 each
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