Kiwiberry Plant x1

£8.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun

Cost-saving climbing-plant dripping with fruit

Enjoy the tropical flavour of kiwi fruit and free yourself of the chore of removing the furry skin associated with regular kiwi fruit. Pick this new grape-sized skin-free fruit variety for pack lunches and fruit salads in summer saving you extra costs at the supermarkets.

We recommend you grow in a sunny greenhouse or outdoors in full sun after you have acclimatised the plants to UK outdoor conditions. When young place the plants outdoors only on a sunny day and bring them indoors in the evening for overnight.

When planting make sure you have a trellis support so you can tie in the vigorous stems. Form a ‘Y’ shape with the main trunk and two main branches. Fruiting branches will appear on these main branches in clusters.

Water your plants regularly day and night to keep the soil well moist.

How your plant arrives

You receive your plant as a 9cm pot plant with a well-establish root network within a ball of soil.

This is perfect for planting now when your plants can concentrate on putting on leaf and fruiting stem growth. The roots are itching to get established in the ground which then provide water and nutrients to strong fruiting stems in the growing season for lots of the delicious kiwiberries.

You’ll receive this plant with green stem and leaves contained in a bag. This is to keep the green parts of the plant nice and moist while transported from our nursery to your home to keep them in the best condition for you.

Can’t plant straight away?

You can keep your plant in its plastic bag for as long as 3-5 days so long as you make sure the root area is nice and humid and the roots feel moist.

Keep your plant in a light, cool position away from full sun like an unheated porch or greenhouse.

Look to planting in their permanent position within 5 days.

Self Fertile variety. 

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Catalogue Number 1060-5959
  • Quantity 1x 9cm Potted Plant
  • Height 3-4m / 10-13ft

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£8.99 each
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