Large Vegepod Raised Bed Kit

£334.80 each

  • Large Vegepod Raised bed (2m x 1m x1m)
  • For growing vegetables, salads, herbs, fruit and flowers
  • 9 x 50 litre bags of Marshalls Vegetable Grower’s Blend (450 litres total)
  • 25 push-in plant labels, 25 T labels and marker pen
  • 400g Bio-Gro Black Gold Foliar Feed Concentrate

Grow your own vegetables, salads or fruit in this Vegepod raised bed kit- it’s quick and easy to set up. No tools are required for assembly, and it’s large enough to grow 40-50 vegetable or herb plants.

The Vegepod features a 64-litre water reservoir beneath the soil for plant roots to drink up water when they need it for improved growth. Also includes a built-in irrigation system with misting spray which gives your plants increased humidity levels - just what they need to grow happily.

The kit includes 9 bags of Marshalls Vegetable Grower’s Blend compost which contains peat, food and wood fibre mix and feeds your plants up to six weeks. Use the Bio-Gro Black Gold Foliar Feed concentrate once a week – use a mist-spray to apply directly to the plants for an extra boost of nutrients.

Use the 50 labels that come with your kit to keep note of what you’ve grown where in your Vegepod.

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Catalogue Number 1090-1122
  • Quantity Large Vegepod, 450L Compost, Labels, Pen & Feed

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£334.80 each
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