Lautrec Wight Garlic Bulbs

£4.99 each

  • Will flower well in full sun
  • See two bulbs turn into 12 bulbs
  • Suitable for spring-planting
  • Versatile in the kitchen 

Enjoy the look and flavour of the white skinned, deep pink garlic cloves of Lautrec Wight.

The flavour of Lautrec is smooth and rich rather than smoky, and the texture is satisfyingly creamy.

Bred to thrive in UK conditions this 'hard-neck' variety gives you guaranteed harvests in late summer. From the two bulbs that you receive you get a pay-back of around 12 bulbs to see you through the summer and autumn. What a return!  

As your plants grow we suggest that you break off the centre flower stem as soon as you notice it coming into bud. This edible stem is delicious lightly fried with butter or served in a crispy tempura, served with white wine or cider.

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Catalogue Number 1040-6042
  • Quantity 2 Bulbs / Approx. 20-25 Cloves

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£4.99 each
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