Leek Seeds - Winner

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  • Will flower well in full sun

An excellent over-winterer. Not only does Winner look stunning in the vegetable plot with its metallic blue leaves, it tastes fantastic in soups and pies.

Sowing indoors

Sow seeds individually into module trays filled with seed compost. Place seeds 1cm (1/2 in) deep and cover with a further thin layer of compost. Place in the warmth at 10-15°C (60-70°F) and keep soil moist but not waterlogged. As seedlings develop grow on in cooler, light conditions but avoid direct sunlight.

Planting on

Plant outdoors from May onwards when plants are about 15cm (6in) tall. Gradually accustom plants to outdoor conditions for two to three weeks before planting out to permanent outdoor planting positions.

Create planting holes with thick pencils or dibbers and water. Once water has absorbed into the soil drop a young plant into each hole.

Do not back-fill holes with soil – the plants will thicken out quickly to fill the holes.

Sowing outdoors

Sow seeds thinly in pre-watered soil, about 20cm (8in) apart. Lightly cover the seeds with soil. Keep the seed bed moist but not waterlogged at all times.


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  • Quantity 50 Seeds
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