Liberty Pond Oxygenator Air Pump

£52.99 each

  • Twin outlet DC pulse air pump
  • Cable-free running pond aeration
  • 60 litres per hour flow
  • Two airstones, two airstone floats and two 6ft airline
  • Lithium battery back up
  • Solar panel, ground spike and wall mounting fittings

Generates life-giving oxygen to ponds especially during hot summer weather when oxygen levels drop naturally. This Oxygenator Air Pump creates water circulation that introduces oxygen to the water environment when aquatic life like fish all other pond life need it most.

The solar battery air pump provides extra aeration if there is no additional water pump in your pond or there are no fountains or cascades of moving water to introduce oxygen naturally.

The solar lithium battery provides a useful back up. The air pump will not require all the power generated from solar panel so the excess power is stored in the battery. This means that when the panel is not capturing sunlight power can be sourced from the battery.

This gives you piece of mind that your pump can run near continuously, even in the unpredictable British climate.

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Catalogue Number 1090-2288
  • Quantity 1x Pond Oxygenator
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