Little Growers Kit with Propagator

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This Little Growers Propagator Kit is the best way to get children into gardening. They can grow all their own flowers and vegetables from seed and enjoy the benefits of home grown produce too. It’s fun and captivating and will keep them entertained all season long. This kit includes a windowsill propagator kit and a mixture of 9 packs of seeds.

The light reflecting base holds 4 interchangeable plug trays in any combination of 9, 24,& 48 cells allowing you to grow everything from tiny seeds to young plants in a snug, protected environment; Designed to be drip free; the generously tall, vented lid allows seedlings to grow unimpeded and it fits inside the base to trap condensation so no messy window ledges. Holes in the base let you water without removing the lid, protecting the plants from being splashed. The smaller plug trays allow you to grow smaller batches of seed at different stages of growth! Each kit comes complete with a range of cell trays, seed compost and capillary matting - to give years of useful life. Brilliant indoors and just as handy for use inside an unheated greenhouse. This Children’s Propagator Kit includes the following seeds

Snapdragons are so called because the flowers have little 'mouths' which snap shut. This pack contains a pretty mixture of colours.

This Creepy Crawley Mix of flowers is attractive to lots of butterflies and many other insects. You will be growing your own miniature nature reserve. Why not make a list of all the different types of wildlife which visit the flowers during the summer?

These beautiful Nasturtium Jeepers Creepers flowers grow tall, so remember to plant them the seeds where they can climb up a fence, netting or canes.

Why not have a competition with your friends to see who can grow the tallest Sunshine Giant. Sunflower Giant Single can easily grow to 2 metres, and some grow much taller! When the plants have finished flowering, leave them in the garden as the seed heads make great bird feeders. Count how many types of birds feed from your sunflower heads.

Lettuce Cut and Come Again is one of the fastest crops for children to grow. With lots of different colours and textures the leaves could be ready to cut 4 - 6 weeks after sowing!

Grow your own delicious popcorn! Leave the corn cobs on the plants until they become hard, usually in October. Store the cobs in a cool, dry place. When required, take the separate pieces of corn (kernels) off the cob, place them in a clean paper bag and ask an adult to microwave them for about a minute. Sit back and enjoy your popcorn!

Tomato Sweet Million is a really easy-to-grow cherry tomato with an excellent fruit set so you are sure of a huge crop of bite-sized, extra sweet fruits. They can easily be grown on a sunny patio in planters or in the cold greenhouse.

Start to pull these tender Carrot Nantes roots when they are as big as your little finger to enjoy as ‘baby carrots’. Kid’s love to wash and eat them straight from the ground!

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  • Quantity 9x Packets of Seeds and Propagator Kit
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