Magnolia Betty 3L Potted Shrub

£17.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Good in hanging baskets
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • A stunning shrub with tulip-shaped flowers
  • A heavenly scent to add to your garden
  • Can adapt to different soil types

The Magnolia Betty is a beautiful shrub that produces large, showy, often fragrant tulip-shaped flowers that tend to open before the leaves and are then followed by cone shaped fruit. These flowers provide stunning blooms that are a deep red/purple outside and creamy white in the centre which can be seen from April to May.

Producing gorgeous blooms and a heavenly scent, it makes an opulent ornamental tree with foliage that has a coppery hue which transitions to a deep forest green. Due to the magnolia’s small size, it is perfect for large pots so it can be used for decoration in small gardens. This low maintenance shrub is perfect for using in a border, a city courtyard, a cottage informal garden or just as an accent plant.

 The Magnolia Betty is able to adapt to different soil types and will need a little space as they can grow up to 4 metres high and wide. They enjoy full sun and although they do not need a specific soil, they do like it well-drained and moist. Shelter them from strong winds and give them moderate maintenance and this beautiful plant will continue to reward you throughout the year.

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Catalogue Number 5140-5607
  • Quantity 1x 3L Potted Shrub
  • Height Up to 4m / 13ft
  • Size Spread: Up to 4m / 13ft
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