Mangetout Pea Spring Blush - Plants

£7.99 each

  • Good in pots and containers
  • Will flower well in full sun
  • Attracts Bees
  • Attractive blush on every pea
  • Edible tendrils and pods
  • Fewer leaves and more pods 

Show-stopping, two-toned pea variety which is easy to harvest. This snap pea variety produces delightful edible tendrils and pods perfect for a garnish or summer salad. Vitamin-rich and high in fibre, with the strong plants reaching a minimum of 180cm (6ft) in height.

This variety has a unique pink blush on the shell with bright green peas inside as they mature. A hyper tendril pea which produces more tendrils than leaves. Not only are they edible and great for salads it can make the pea easier to harvest as they are not hidden by the leaves. Contains vitamins A, C, B1, folate, iron and phosphorus. Every pod is rich in fibre, filling and low in fat so great for healthy eating and calorie-control.

Grow in an allotment or in troughs by a sunny wall with rich soil and feed with a high potash liquid fertiliser when the plants come into flower so that your plants perform particularly well.

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Catalogue Number 1080-6025
  • Quantity 54x Pea Plants, 9x Multi-Sown Modules
  • Height 1.8-2.4m / 5'10-7'10ft
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