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March 2017 Newsletter

Like us I’m sure you are looking forward to the start of the Spring season? It’s so exciting to plan & prepare your pots, beds and baskets with young plants that are itching to get growing and reveal their lovely flowers.

Well it all becomes a reality in March when we start to deliver your tools, equipment and plants ready for you to get into the garden.

Our new Unwins catalogue with over 200 new products will soon be with you and you can view all our products online now. So choose your fabulous flowers, handy tools and heavy composts online and let us deliver them to your door. 

We wish you a wonderful start to the spring.

The Unwins Team 

Jobs to do

Order in bedding for hanging baskets

Take a look through the catalogue which you can order online to see hanging basket flowers, like Petunia 'Berry Velour' pictured above, that will suit you and your garden. With a range of colour schemes to choose from and basket favourites like Unwins Begonia Illuminations and Calibrachoa Kabloom-ing Brilliant you can have hanging basket displays as good as in the most beautiful pub gardens.


Get your garden pond crystal clear

Add easy-apply Eco-Sure Pond Clear to your pond, a tablet fully biological and filled with beneficial microscopic organisms that get to work in feeding on all the matter in the pond that makes your pond green or murky. The tablets are fully dissolvable and work when the water temperature is above 3°C (37°F). After a week of sun in March your pond should be ready for treatment.


Pot sweet pea plants

March is a great time to get in young plants of sweet peas. It’s so exciting getting these fragrant flowers ready for planting outside at the end of the month. When you get Unwins sweet peas as small plugs put them in bigger pots so they have chance to grow a more before you place them outside at the end of the month. Try popular Apple & Blackberry Mix or Unwins Extra Fragrant Collection.


Think Mother's Day gifts

Mother’s Day is Sunday March 26 this year. We have a wide range of gorgeous rosessweet peas and gardening equipment so your mum can enjoy her garden to the fullest this spring and summer.



Plant summer-flowering bulbs

Now’s the time to get hold of the bulbs of gorgeous summer flowers like gladioli, canna and lilies. Once you receive your bulbs plant the bulbs as you would your tulips and daffodils. Plant in flower beds of containers at a depth of around 4-6 in (10-15cm) in soil that’s rich yet airy. Add Westland Bulb Planting Compost to your soil to get this desirable soil.


Give your garden grandeur - Ornamental Bay Trees

Make the entrance of your house stylish and sophisticated with bay trees adorned on either side of your door. The symmetry adds that bit of grandeur to your doorway and the bay trees offer a year-long supply of culinary leaves perfect for adding to sauces and reductions. Unwins lollipop bay trees come with stylish square planters when you buy a pair.



Only a few plants provide a rich carpet of bright and fragrant flowers even when they are denied access to natural light. We have the perfect solution for areas under trees and gardens with north-facing problem spots.

Try these varieties from Unwins...

Geranium Sandrine - Large purple pink flowers 5cm in diameter with mesmerising dark black central eyes. The foliage is light green, providing a striking contrast with the lovely flowers. They attract a host of beneficial pollinators.

Viola Odorata - One waft of the parma violet scent of these Sweet Violets (Viola odorata) will take you back down memory lane! Delicate-looking violets are sweet enough to eat - when sugared the flowers can be used to decorate cakes.

Helleborus - Easy to grow, perennial hellebores are excellent for bringing early spring colour to a border. Hellebores are non-fussy plants and will grow in a sunny border as well as shade or dappled shade under trees.


Pest & Disease Watch

Bulb Rot

It’s time to plant summer-flowering bulbs like dahlias, gladioli and cannas so you get gorgeous colours from your flower beds in summer and a touch of exotica with their hot reds and oranges as well as large, strappy leaves.

Bulb rot can set in however if your soil is too heavy, cold and wet and you could be left disappointed when the flowers don’t emerge in summer as a result of bulb rot.

Nip the problem in the bulb by making your soil the perfect texture before planting. Add Organic Extra to feed and open the soil and encourage worms to gather and break the soil up even more.

You can even add some grit in the soil to improve the drainage further for successful summer bulbs.



Unwins March catalogue arrives

Enjoy your March Unwins catalogue arriving to your home soon and choose fabulous flowers, handy tools and composts to make your gardening effective yet easy, and your garden full of beautiful blooms. Look out for the new self-watering containers, to look after your plants while you’re away and pest-controls to keep your flowers and crops looking and tasting their best.



RHS Spring Plant and Orchid Show, 29-30 March

Celebrate all that spring has to offer at the RHS Spring Plant and Orchid Show at the RHS Horticultural Halls in London. Exhibits include an amazing selection of spring plants, must-have gardening sundries, a spectacular array of exotic and handy orchids.


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