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March 2018 Newsletter

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Pinch and punch for the first of the month. Saying goodbye to February is never the saddest time. As we come out of winter and see the first signs of spring it’s tempting to get in the garden and get planting.

Recently we’ve had some pretty chilly nights though and with temperatures so low in the evening your young plants are particularly vulnerable. It pays dividends to remain patient, especially in the North of the country, and hold back on putting young plants into the ground.

March is a great time for seed sowing though and it’s always the right time for planting shrubs in containers so there’s still opportunity to get in your garden – even if it is a bit on the fresh side.


The Unwins Team

Our Top 4 Tasks for the Month


March 2018 Newsletter Article 11) Sow for success

There are so many more flowers you can sow in March than February so enjoy looking at all the flowers you can sow this month from the extensive Unwins range. Invest in a propagator to give your seeds a perfect growing environment when they are starting out in life.



March 2018 Newsletter Article 22) Pot luck

Potted plants are great to plant now particularly when they arrive to you in pots that are 2, 3 or 5 litres. With an established and extensive network of roots they get growing as soon as you plant them out. Add some plant food to the bottom of your planting hole to give your plants an initial boost.



March 2018 Newsletter Article 33) Contain your excitement

Give yourself a garden display of containers with pots full of your favourite flowers. You can order and buy your containers now even if you are holding back from planting. Choose large pots in different styles, troughs and baskets so you are ready once your plants arrive in late spring.



March 2018 Newsletter Article 44) Tomato time

With modules and propagator lids you can sow tomatoes and chillies indoors from as early as March. Once they reach seedling stage keep them away from cold draughts which they hate so avoid sowing on windowsills that position near the back or front door. See more vegetables you can sow now.



Influential plants for your garden


March 2018 Newsletter Influential PlantsHanging tough

Hanging baskets flowers and displays are so popular – and it’s no surprise why. Making the smallest garden colourful, fragrant and full of impact hanging baskets are the mainstay of vertical gardening- maximising on height rather than area.

If you are new to hanging baskets here are some inspirational ideas and collection for you to try.


Here are three different varieties for you garden;


Pretty in Pink - Hanging Basket Mix - Complementing flower colours and textures come together to give you a floral display to make neighbours green with envy.


Waves of Joy - Petunia Easy Wave South Beach Mixed - Huge flower power in two shades of shade-tolerant petunias. Naturally wide-spreading emulating a breaking wave. Get hold of two or three collections for a Mexican wave of colour.


Totally Tropical - Begonia Illumination Tropical Shades - Create a fireball effect with this collection of begonias, rain and shade resistant, in sizzling colours. Flowers appear so freely that they often completely cover the leaves.


Keep an eye out for pests

March 2018 Newsletter PestsIf it starts to get warmer in March you may be faced with an army of slugs coming out of the woodwork and descending on your garden plants and bedding. It can be soul-destroying to see the tell-tale trails of slime near the seeds you’ve sown and flowers you’ve raised.

There are many ways to keep slugs at bay from using slug pellets to putting up copper barriers and rough ground cover. There are even natural weapons you can unleash like nematodes. Just water these biological slug-killers into the soil and keep slug populations down.


Inciting Facts


March 2018 Newsletter New Catalogue

NEW Catalogue on Doorsteps Soon 

Your March catalogue is landing soon and we want you to get the best, most fragrant and most showy of flowers into your own garden oasis.

Take advantage of money-saving flowers and plants collections including saving £4 when you buy two packs of bedding plants, FREE delivery on seed orders, FREE 3rd potted rose when you buy 3 plus a £6 saving when you buy two packs of scented sweet peas.


March 2018 Newsletter Facts 1Purple Haze 

Get hold of the purple pearls of the flower world. We know purples are all the rage in the plant world so we have NEW varieties available to you. Climber Passiflora Silly Cow – with a much more attractive flower than name! –  shrub Hydrangea Blue Sky and hanging basket flower Petunia Tumbelina Bella are all free-flowering and make vibrant and modern displays in your garden.


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