Marshalls Vegetable Growing Blend 50L x2

£13.98 each

  • Ideal for fruit and vegetable growing
  • Feeds your plants for six weeks
  • Perfectly-blended peat, food and wood-fibre mix
  • Replenishes nutrients in soil
  • Gives soil excellent aeration
  • Creates perfect drainage to moisture-holding ratio
  • Use for container growing
  • 100 litres in total

Premium compost with home-growers in mind, specially blended with organic matter, slow-release fertiliser and phosphorous for guaranteed strong and healthy vegetable plants. Trialled and tested at the nursery at Marshalls Seeds for three years to perfect the blend to ensure home-growing success.

Add to existing soil or use in containers if you like to grow carrots and other root vegetables when you don’t have a garden but have space on your balcony or in your yard to grow your favourite vegetables.

This perfect blend of peat, plant food and wood fibre mix ensure your vegetable plants have a soil environment with perfect structure and texture, fantastic for developing roots which provide the foundation of healthy, green flowering and fruiting vegetables.

Useful Tip:

Use your generous 50 litre sacks as immediate planters; just place the bags on their sides, roll the bags to open up the compost. Cut the bags lengthwards when in position. Make planting holes and position your plants. Water the compost daily and twice a day during periods of drought.

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  • Quantity 2x 50L Bags

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£13.98 each
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