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May 2017 Newsletter

Take advantage of the Bank Holidays this month and the long days to get into your garden and give it the makeover it deserves. 

Now that the danger of late frosts is more or less over plant young flowers in containers for lovely patio displays and hanging baskets too. Short of time to be planting up? Get pre-planted baskets and NEW Speedy Baskets from Unwins. A simple yet effective concept- remove your old spring container displays from your pots and place Speedy Baskets on top for a fresh new flush of flowers for the summer.

Enjoy these time-saving solutions to get your garden looking great.

The Unwins Team


Jobs to do now

Keep the pond clear

May’s an excellent month to put your garden pond in good stead. Create a healthy pond with a good water environment, balanced with the right levels of good bacteria, oxygen and nutrients.

Friendly bacteria and enzymes in EcoSure Pond Clear get to work straight away to make your pond clear. The bacteria feeds on the algae-causing nitrates. EcoSure Pond Clear is Ideal for ornamental ponds and koi ponds, is safe for children and pets, and it’s easy to use with no measuring needed.

Fight back the springtime slug invasion

Apply easy-to-dilute Nemaslug onto your garden and save your flowers and salad plants.

Keep on top of the masses of slugs that are set to be invading your garden in the oncoming weeks. The pleasant weather this spring has created an oasis for slugs to breed and feed on your prize flowers and crops. Numbers of slugs predicted this year? A massive 500 billion!

Use nematode Nemaslug and let nature do the hard work for you. Nemaslug contains millions of microscopic nematodes – biological slug killers which naturally eliminate slugs. Nemaslug is effective, it is safe for children and pets and is the chemical-free way to get rid of slimy slugs.

Inject colour into your garden now

May is an exciting time to fill containers and hanging baskets with a range of summer bedding to add colour and fragrance to your garden. Plant in beds and containers on your patio, balcony or garden and plant in baskets for head-height displays.



Get set for the outdoor party season -be the host with the most

Start preparing your garden as the venue to be at for summer barbecues and garden parties. Immediate impact bay trees set at either side of your front or back door welcome your guests to your home.

Bay trees are not just beautiful though, they are also useful for your summer barbecue. Grill fish in foil on the grill, adding a freshly-picked bay leaf or two to flavour.

Get sun-ripened strawberries from home-growing

Have juicy and flavoursome strawberries for half the price of punnets at the supermarkets when you grow your own. You don’t need much space either – just designate a bit of your garden, even just 2 or 3 containers to add young plants and get you fresh, red fruit in summer.

Consider growing strawberries in containers, baskets or in raised beds to suit the space in your garden or back yard and get the family to enjoy harvesting in summer.

Condition your soil like you condition your hair

Invest in the plants you grow by giving them the best soil to grow in. Composted soil conditioner is an easy way to get the most nutrients to your plants by creating a sound soil environment. Organic Extra opens up the soil which introduces oxygen to the roots and encourages worm activity which further cultivates the soil.

Organic Extra is a 4 in 1 solution: a weed-suppressing mulch, a freshening top dressing, an effective soil enricher and a liquid feed. With added trace elements of nitrogen-rich seaweed, fantastic for salad greens and pretty leafy plants like hostas.


Enhance the beauty of your garden pond

Fill your pond now with plants to add pretty colour, introduce more oxygen to your pond to keep fish happy and add movement to your garden as tall pond plants sway in the breeze. Select a range of aquatic plants to add to your pond. Here are 3 to consider;

Waterlily Xiafei – adds colour

Add multiple plants of dwarf waterlily Xiafei- one plant per square yard (square metre). More robust than other miniature waterlilies this highly attractive waterlily does brilliantly in our UK summers.

Iris Black Gamecock – adds movement

This exquisite iris is a Louisiana hybrid reaching 3ft (90cm). Its dark, velvety blooms flower later than most other irises so it is valuable to extend the flowering season.

Hornwort- adds oxygen

Oxygenating plants help keep pond water aerated and pond-life healthy. Hornwort floats on top of the water, gives off oxygen and provide shade. Add 3 weighted bunches per square yard.


Pest & Disease Watch

Prevent maggoty apples

Keep your apples in top condition so you can enjoy them rather than letting the larva of codling moth enjoy them instead. The caterpillars of codling moth make their way into apple and pear fruits from May so that you have a tunnel of badness through to the core when it comes to harvest time in autumn.

Pheromone traps attract the males through an artificial source of pheromones. Male moths then stick to the trap and die. Females are then much less likely to produce eggs with such a depleted male population. Simply hang pheromone traps from apple trees or nearby branches. Get several traps to place around your garden and maximise the effectiveness of the traps.

May news

May catalogue – on your doorstep soon

Keep an eye out for our May catalogue packed with solutions on how to make this your best summer yet. Make your garden the perfect venue for hosting outdoor dos like barbecues and get-togethers and see our range of new storage options to keep your personal gardening gear, safe, dry and secure.




RHS Chelsea Flower Show – 23-27 May

It’s that time of year when gardening gurus and designers congregate to the world-famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show to see the latest gardening fashions, fresh ideas and exciting and new plants.

Check the RHS website for tickets. Tickets are limited but there is some availability. Can’t make it to the show? Fear not, check out the website through the week to see what’s on and watch videos of the show in action.




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