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May 2018 Newsletter

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It’s show season time. Time to delight in the fabulous scent and visual show of flowers. May is one of our favourite months here at Unwins and many of us are eagle eyed while out and about looking out for wonderful wisteria and clematis displays and fully-flowering rhododendrons.

It’s also the start of the hanging basket season too, and RHS Britain in Bloom hotspots, from large cities to humble hamlets start to burst into colour with beautiful basket and container displays.

We recommend you get hold of perennials and bedding to fill in any gaps in your garden, and see what furniture you can add to make your garden a luxurious outdoor space and a pleasure to spend time in.

Enjoy the start of summer

The Unwins team

Our top 4 tasks of the month

War on weedsMay News art 1

If April and May this year are subject to both rain and sun you’ll notice a mini-jungle of weeds are starting to establish in your flower beds. We like to pick out the individual dandelion seedlings and plants by hand or taproot-removing weeder, then hoe off the annual weeds like chickweed, leaving them on the surface in the mid-day sun to wither, removing them in the evening.




Mowing in MayMay News art 2

If you can up your mowing regime to twice a week that will give you a lovely, lush lawn in time for the summer season ahead. Lower the blade if you can, now there are more sunshine hours. Consider leaving a small area of long grass near the back of the garden to encourage a budding wildlife population and refuge for beneficial pollinators.



Dodge Jack Frost

May News art 3

Frosts are not unheard of in May so be sure to protect any young plants and bedding you’ve grown from seeds by putting them in the cold frame or glasshouse if the weather forecasts have warned you about late frosts. If you already have the plants in the ground, cover them with a horticultural fleece over the evening. 





Potatoes – just round the cornerMay News art 4

If you are growing potatoes for yourself this year, good for you. It won’t be long until harvest time especially if you are growing first earlies like Swift or Rocket. Earth them up one last time with a spade lifting surrounding soil around the stem by up to half the height.





Influential plants for your garden

Patriotic plantsMay News Influ Plants

The Royal Wedding takes place this month- date in the diary for 19 May. Take inspiration from Meghan Markle and grow flowers featuring in her bouquet.

Foxglove Digitalis Dalmatian Peach

A compact variety with unique colour, soft apricot-peach blooms with delicate rose-pink spots inside, simply beautiful!

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea

A native British wildflower with tall stems showing large, striking purple bells, all on the same side. This is a perfect addition to attract butterflies and bees to your garden.

Rose A Whiter Shade of Pale

Introduce Rose A Whiter Shade of Pale to your garden and reward yourself with flowers a plenty full of impact and fantastically fragrant. Recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Keep an eye out for pests

Viburnum beetleMay News Pests

You will have noticed the unpleasant smell of the viburnum beetle damage before you notice the visual effect. The small, spotted caterpillars of viburnum beetle munch their way through the leaves of many viburnum species including snowball viburnum, Guelder rose and evergreen Viburnum tinus, leaving leaves stripped and particularly smelly.

Banish these pests before they drop to the ground and pupate into adults by hand-picking them off or spray viburnum plants with Resolva Natural Power Bug and Mildew Spray – this is particularly effective in May when the grubs have soft bodies and are still feeding voraciously.

Inciting facts

The Royal Wedding is in sightMay News Piece 1

Mark this momentous occasion with patriotic flowers in red, blue and white and join the neighbours in a jubilant street party. Our hanging basket Markle Sparkle bursts with blooms for summer and we have a whole selection of roses too to fill your garden with much-loved British favourites.




Await the Unwins May catalogueMay News Piece 2

In a few days your May catalogue will drop at your doorstep and we want you to take advantage of the great deals inside. We have great deals on pond plants, 2Ltr perennials - perfect when planted in threes and stunning Hydrangeas, which change colour throughout the seasons. 


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