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May 2019 Newsletter

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A favourite month in the flowering world enjoy wisteria in full bloom, the flowering candelabras of horse-chestnut trees and the beguiling scent of lilacs.

With favourable weather and rising temperatures there are lots of activities to be busying with in the garden. In this newsletter we highlight timely jobs and what’s going on in the world of Unwins and in the horticultural world at large including the world-famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Enjoy the world of garden plants with us.

The Unwins Team 


Our TOP 4 jobs for the month

Bedding in the postMay News Art1

Get colour into your garden with bedding perfect for wall-side borders, containers and hanging baskets which bring flower colour nearer to eye-level. If you receive our plants as plugs, grow them on in peat-free pots to grow four or five further leaves before planting them in their final position.



Summer bulbsMay News Art2

Get prepared summer flower favourites like dahlias, gladioli, lilies and begonias by planting the bulbs now. Plant as you would autumn-planting bulbs like daffodils and tulips to a depth of three times the height of the bulb. Try unusual varieties like exotic tigridia.



Sow colourful flowers for pollinatorsMay News Art3

Introduce a slice of the British countryside into your own garden by planting a patch of wildflowers. We’ve formulated a seed mix that is perfect for growing in the British climate. Follow the sowing instructions on the pack and say hello to flowers in reds, blues and white. Nature’s Haven Easy Wildflowers Seeds and Granular Compost brings seeds and soil together for flowering success.


Watering needsMay News Art4

Prepare yourself for drought this summer. Forewarned is forearmed so look to getting in a water butt to collect rainwater. The acidity/alkaline level is just right for most ornamental bedding and shrubs and the rainwater at the perfect temperature for the roots to take up optimum nutrients from the soil. Water straight to the roots with Root Watering Spikes.

Be sure to water in the morning and evening and only during the day as well if your plants are wilting before your eyes.

Gardeners’ corner

Be mindful of mildewMay News GC Mildew

Powdery mildew has many forms in the gardens and with different strains affecting different varieties. Many show the same symptoms though with a white film on leaves affecting plants’ ability to photosynthesis and make food for themselves. Prevent organically by lessening water stress and removing rotting leaves that might carry the mildew spores.

If you want to treat plants that show signs of mildew we recommend Resolva Natural Power Bug & Mildew Spray. Safe enough to spray on your crops and eat the same day.


It’s showtimeMay News GC Chelsea

May is the season of the renowned RHS Chelsea Flower Show (21-25 May): this year showcasing the best of woodland planting, water gardening, rose meadows and gardening to maximise the use of smaller spaces. If you can get to the show, treat yourself and a good friend to tickets. If not, see the coverage on TV and visit the RHS website for developments through the week.

See the Unwins range of roses, many of which have featured at the world-famous show.


For the love of lavenderMay News GC Lavender

Lavender is a perennial shrub that keeps giving when you plant it in your garden. Scented leaves and pretty bee-friendly flowers emerge in big numbers from shrubs you can plant individually as focal plants or in a row to create mini hedges for the edge of flower beds. Of many varieties with green or variegated two-tone leaves, red, purple or white flowers choose a lavender to suit your sunny space.

TIP: Deter clothes-eating moths by place a sprig or two of lavender in the drawer or wardrobe.


Form a bond with your pondMay News GC Pond

May is a great time to get your pond or water feature looking ship-shape. Introduce a range of deep-water plants like waterlilies, marginal plants like iris and chameleon plant and oxygenating plants that float on the top of ponds.

Pumps and fountains introduce desirable oxygen into your pond to keep it clear. If you have a green and cloudy pond treat it to a course of Eco-Sure, a natural powder introducing friendly bacteria to your pond that make the water clearer over time.



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