Mealworm Kit

£14.99 each

  • Perfect for hungry birds
  • FREE 175g pouch of quality protein-rich mealworms
  • Durable mealworm feeder with tray

You get a FREE bag of protein-rich mealworms when you buy this quality mealworm feeder with tray for collecting any mealworms that may drop. 

Look after your wildlife favourites with this great-value Mealworm Kit.

Keep your mealworms dry in this special feeder. You can mix meal worms in with a seed mix (such as Essential Mix) to make them go further. The holes at the bottom of the feeder can be made larger / smaller and the food will collect in the tray at the bottom - which will help to reduce mess and visits from rodents!

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Catalogue Number 80605544
  • Quantity 1x 175g Pouch & 1x Mealworm Feeder


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£14.99 each
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