Megasonic Cat Repellent

£29.99 each

This Megasonic Cat Repeller stops cats fouling in your garden or menacing wild garden birds so you can turn your garden once again into a haven for wildlife.Ultrasound noise is just enough to deter cats without harming them.

Dogs and other wildlife will not be affected by the ultrasound noise either so you are safe in the knowledge this is just a feline deterrent.

The PIR (passive infrared) sensor covers an area of up to 40ft (120 metres) with a 98° arc. The coverage area is up to 50% bigger than other models to give you superior results to other models.

Included is an inbuilt mounting stake for ease of installing. You just need 2 x 9V batteries or 9V adaptor and you’ll be fully set up.

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Catalogue Number 1090-3888
  • Quantity 1x Audio Cat Repellent

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£29.99 each
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