Megasonic Mole Repeller

£19.99 each

Easy to insert ultrasound mole repellent. Place one or several within 30-40m of the affected area (depending on your lawn/plot size) and the random, vibrating sound keeps moles away.

Non-patterned vibration means that moles do not grow accustomed to the sound and they keep away from the unpredictable vibrating sonic pulses. 

Once inserted into the ground, their high-visibility tops mean they are easy to spot for easy removal just before your lawn-care tasks like mowing or scarifying.

Wildlife welfare-friendly deterrent that does not harm moles, just keeps them and their damage away from your lawn.

Covers up to 1196 square yards (1000 square metres).

Batteries not included.

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Catalogue Number 1090-3885
  • Quantity 1x Mole Repellent Stick

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£19.99 each
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