Carrot Seeds - Sugarsnax 54

£1.99 each
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Product Code: 3031-0535
Pack Content: 500 Seeds
Row Spacing 25cm (10in) apart

Versatile variety that makes a great crop for roasting or boiling or indeed eating raw. Shows good disease resistance too so nice and reliable!

Sow outdoors:Create a shallow row in the soil. Water the row well before sowing. Sow seeds thinly in the row and cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. Keep soil moist until seedlings are established. When seedlings produce a head of leaves thin to 2cm (3/4 in) then thin again in a couple of weeks to 10cm (4in) apart.

Ensure soil is sandy and free-draining so roots develop unimpeded. Water well especially in particularly warm periods.

If you want to create multiple rows, space rows 25cm (10in) apart.

Harvest crops with a small border fork to avoid damaging the fully-developed carrots.


£1.99 each
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Sow Outdoors
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